Gorilla Airsoft at Poso Creek. Come on out and shoot your friends

November 23rd. Poso Creek Airsoft field

Just months after the PAC oil company and its Army of PMC’s took control of the Poso Valley oil fields, a coalition of fundamentalist leaders from the tribal lands of Kernanistan overthrew Prince Germanhi’s government. Tired of U.S. influence in the region and wishing to establish a more traditional form of government, the Federation of Kernanistan Traditionalist or F.O.K.T, is now transforming the region into an Islamic state.

PAC drilling facilities have been attacked by FOKT and the oil company is struggling to maintain it’s operations in the region. They have already lost a few wells and they’ve contacted the US government for help. Army Rangers are expected to arrive soon.

EDC Oil officials are in the region after being contacted by FOKT. FOKT leaders are weary of bringing in another US company but they need advisors to assist them with the wells they’ve captured.

Without the Royal Police Force in place, heroin trafficking in the area has risen to an all-time high. Colonel Popov and his small band of Russian expatriates are firmly in control of the drug trade.

Dethroned Prince Germanhi is believed to be alive and in hiding.

What happens next is up to you. Enlist for PW6 today. The first 50 paid players receive an Echo 1 hat. Register before November 15th and receive $5 off of the $30 entry fee plus get an extra raffle ticket. Lunch is included.

Register now at Gorilla Airsoft for one of the following teams

PAC oil  (Green based uniforms)

EDC Oil  (Tan Based uniforms)

Army Rangers  (multicam  max 15 players)

FOKT  (Traditional Haji dress)

Russians (Russian cammo patterns or gangster style track suits) Very limited numbers. Russians are primarily role players.

More details to be released soon.


Echo1 is now the main sponsor of Petro Wars 6

Petro Wars 6

Sunday November 23
Registration begins Tuesday  October 28th

Starting Sunday
October 5th we are back to our regular field hours
9am - 3pm


Store hours remain the same




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