Gorilla Airsoft at Poso Creek. Come on out and shoot your friends

Airsoft-Anarchy and Gorilla Airsoft proudly present:
Outbreak at Zombie Creek 5, Texas Terror
Sat, Oct 25th, gates open at 9am,
Registration / Chrono / Safety by 10am.
Carnage begins at 10:01am. $25
Sun, Oct 25th, gates open at 9am,
Registration / Chrono / Safety by 10am.
With the fall of the Mexican Government now complete most of the citizens have aligned themselves in groups for protection. The virus has either killed off or infected 80% of all Mexican citizens. With the California and Arizona borders walled up and no safe passage available, all have headed east to the Rio Grande Valley. The small Texas towns of Roma and Hidalgo have become a hot bed for gun fights. As the virus sweeps east south of the Rio Grande tension are running higher because no one is sure who is infected or not. Most are shot on sight, trying to cross the river from Mexico to Texas. The bridge between Ciudad Miguel Aleman ( CMA ) ( MEX ) and Roma ( TX ) has been built up and tore down and rebuilt numerous times. Likewise the bridge between Reynosa ( MEX ) and Hidalgo ( TX ) built and blown up half a dozen times. Communication is paramount and without radio communication runners have become a premium, the fastest runners have been the main source of getting messages from one town to the next. The Texas Rangers have been doing what they can to police the border by traveling up and down the Rio Grande, but with violence increasing daily they have been forced into becoming a type of “Cleaning Crew”. You do not want to be spotted by them near either side of the river bed, you won’t live to tell about it. And with their supplies running low they have become more aggressive and desperate to get their hands on anything valuable. The virus has not stopped its growth and devastation and tensions are running high. The Texas Rangers might whole the key to survival and the balance of power.
2 Teams
.USA (Green) (Unlimited Numbers)
.Mexican Chupacabra Fighters (Tan) (Unlimited Numbers)
.Texas Rangers (Dark Brigade)
Mags -
.4 Mid Caps or (1 High Cap with a limit of 450)
2 support weapon per force
Grenades and rockets (Grenades and rockets have the normal 25 feet kill radius for humans. Against infected humans, they will head back to their respawn)
Ammo -
.Extra BB’s will be kept at your teams FOB
Pistols -
.Unlimited mags, ammo, and gas, all can be carried on your person.
Infected Humans-
.Unlimited ammo on person.
Comms – Only Co’s and Xo’s may use Comms to reach GC
Red Rags -
.MUST BE CARRIED AT ALL TIMES, if you are hit, get it out and wave it
Infected Humans -
.Put on white blood stained T-shirt and wood plate (see things to bring/must have) over your load out.
Standard Respawn Rules
.When you are hit PULL OUT YOUR RED RAG, you have 3 minutes to bleed out or saved by a team member.
.Humans that are wounded, after being hit, but before bleeding out (3 minutes) can be moved to a safe location as long as a healthy player puts both hands on the wounded player and they walk (not run) to a safe location and administer first aid (maintain contact for 1 minute).
.If a player bleeds out, he/she will back up 25 feet away from combat. After that the player is back in.
.Infected Humans Respawn Rules
If you are hit on anywhere on your body you will take a knee for 30 seconds, stand up and
Continue to fight.
.If you take a head shot, or a shot to the wood plate ( the wood plate will be provided (the plate represents a head shot)) you will go back 40 feet and then reenter the game.
.Infected Humans can only shoot one handed and they cannot talk (only grunt), run (only walk), and my not use cover.
Things you MUST have in order to play this event.
A RED RAG! Which you will always need to be able to play at Poso……it is not a new thing, so make it happen.
A WHITE T-SHIRT….. An over sized white T-shirt, maybe shredded and spotted with fake blood (for effect)
There is no excuse for not having a red rag, and I know just about everyone has an old white T-shirt at their house they can destroy and use for this event. We will also have some fake blood that may be used to help add some character to you shirt. After running this Op in one form or another over the last 3 years Anarchy has an abundance or L and LX white shredded shirts that anyone can barrow. If you are of larger stature then we suggest you bring a white shredded looking shirt you would feel comfortable wearing over your gear.

Petro Wars 6
Sunday November 23
Registration begins Monday October 27th

Starting Sunday
October 5th we are back to our regular field hours
9am - 3pm

Store hours remain the same




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